Materasso Materasso Mattress


Partner’s mattresses are promising a comfort for two people. The pair of you can enjoy a comfort and convenience of good night sleep and get up in the morning without a painful back.
AIRSPRING memory Partner mattress
AMERIKA Partner mattress
ANTIBACTERIAL visco vakuo 18 Antibacterial
AQUATIC mineral Antibacterial
BEAST Lavender For high weight
BIOGREEN Copper PL For high weight
BIOGREEN T4 For high weight
MÉDEO plus Partner mattress
NEROLI therapy Antibacterial
OXYGEN MOTION For high weight
PARTNER biogreen 18 Natural
PARTNER biogreen 20 Natural
PARTNER biogreen 24 Natural
POLARGEL superior For high weight
PREMIÉR fix vákuo 16 Partner mattress
PREMIÉR fix vákuo 20 Partner mattress
PREMIÉR fix vákuo 24 Partner mattress
SPINAL duo For high weight
SPINALIS ortopedic Antibacterial
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Partner mattresses What are advantages of partner mattresses?
Partner mattresses are ideal for double beds, They bring to an end the sleepless nights which usually end up with painful backs and dark circles under the eyes for both partners.
The technology and materials from which the mattresses are made, you can choose together from a wide selection.