Legs for beds

Legs for beds

We give you the opportunity to choose the legs made of different materials and in different shapes. In addition, we enable the selection of any stitching or surface finish. We offer 3 to 13 cm legs from various materials: solid wood, steel and steel imitation. With the help of the different heights of the legs we can adjust the height of the bed.

EN Drevené nožičky

vzorka Wood 1 (10 cm) Natur, Biela, Čierna vzorka Wood 2 (8 cm) Wenge, Nut, Natur vzorka Wood 3 (8 cm) Wenge, Nut, Natur vzorka Cube (10 cm) vzorka Castello (10 cm)

EN Kovové nožičky

vzorka Elegance (13 cm) vzorka Fancy (13 cm) vzorka Polygon (10 cm) vzorka Chrome (11 cm) vzorka Metal (8 cm) vzorka Floor (3 cm)

EN Plasticke nožičky

vzorka Standard 1 (5 cm) vzorka Standard 2 (10 cm)