Is it possible to make the mattresses in atypical sizes?

Yes, we can make the mattrasses in any size, according to the requirements of the customer, rounded to centimetres.

What is the price for a mattress of atypical size?

The basic prices are for a mattress 200 centimetres in length. (It does not apply to children’s mattrasses). The price does not change if there is a change in length up to 200 centimetres. There is a surcharge for the change of the length above 200 centimetres: 15% from 201 - 210 centimetres 20% from 211 - 220 centimetres 40% above 221 centimetres. When the width of the mattrass changes, the price of the closest width in the price list applies.

What is the delivery time for mattresses, grids and beds? Is there a change when the measurements are atypical?

As a general rule we deliver mattrasses and grids up to 14 days after the order is registered. This applies to any mattresses and grids, even in atypical sizes. The delivery time for the beds is 30 days.

What kind of mattress do you recommend for small children over 2 years old ( but not into a child’s bed)?

For children of that age (but appropriate for all children in the growth stage) we recommend “unpaved” mattresses with regard to the proper development of the spine. For example SAN REMO, NATURA, PARTNER BIOGREEN, PROFIL COMFORT and all springs and pocket springs mattresses.

What mattress do you recommend in case of back problems?

The problems with the spine could be of different origin. Chronic pain, postoperative problems, cervical spine pain, headaches etc. The hardness of the mattress depends on the recommendation of attending physician. It also depends on the hardness of the base - flexible grates or solid base. We recommend solving the cervical spine problems with a right choice of Anatomical Pillow.

Which mattress is more suitable for double bed, one big or two separate mattresses?

It depends on a customer’s decision. For practical reasons, it is better to have two separate mattresses. Each of the partners can fulfil their idea of comfortable sleep, does not have to adapt to their partner as to the hardness of the mattress or the individual comfort. We offer a mattress SPINAL DUO which is able to offer a different thermal comfort on one double bed.

How long can mattress be rolled up in vacuum wrapping?

Rolled up mattress VACUO should not be left standing in this condition longer than 2 months from date of manufacture. However, we recommend to unwrap it sooner. If you still cannot use it, we recommend to remove it from stretch foil and to perforate the plastic wrap to absorb some air.

Is it possible to order a mattress in a differerent cover than the standard?

Yes, changing the cover from its standard version is possible at an additional cost. The extra charge is dependent on the original cover. However a slight change in overall height of the mattress can occur by changing the cover. Different covers have a different thickness of filler material, therefore the thickness of the cover can be larger or smaller, affecting the overal height of the mattress.