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Lazy Foam

To sink into a soft mattress and have a pleasant, comfortable sleep is a dream which could be fulfilled by a memory foam mattress, also called a lazy foam mattress. It truly copies the shape of your body.
KOMODOR Bio-ex T4 Lazy Foam
KOMODOR Bio-ex T3 Lazy Foam
ANTIBACTERIAL visco vakuo 18 Lazy Foam
AIRSPRING memory Lazy Foam
MÉDEO plus Lazy Foam
VISCOSTAR 24 Lazy Foam
VISCOSTAR 20 Lazy Foam
VISCOSTAR 16 Lazy Foam
WELLNESS visco Lazy Foam
VISCOGREEN lux Lazy Foam
SULTÁN termopur Lazy Foam
SWISS prestige Lazy Foam
THERMO adaptive Lazy Foam from 565 €
NEROLI therapy Lazy Foam
Memory foam mattresses. What are the advantages of this mattress?
Memory foam mattresses provide the body with exceptional support without any pressure, while adjusting to the shape of the body. They do not obstruct the blood circulation and contribute to the healthy sleep.
The memory foam mattresses are the clear choice for people after joint or spine surgeries. The mattresses have memory, that remember the shape of your vertebral spine. You in turn will remember your dreams and pleasant mornings.