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Why Materasso

Why Materasso

Materasso is the team of experts with years of extensive experience in producing orthopedic mattresses and beds. We rely on the quality of production and used materials.

An important role is played by consistent tuning of individual elements. Our designers endeavour to make use of all the information in the field of new trends, while striving to meet the vision and expectations of our customers.

Our mattresses right from the heart of Orava The production facilities in Oravske Vesele produce more than 300,000 mattresses and over 70,000 lamella grids per year in differential variations.

Focus on all customer needs Individual requirements are adapted to orthopedic features - hardness and elasticity of the mattress, anti-allergic features, esthetic characteristics of mattresses design.

We have many certificates and awards The company is a holder of many certificates and awards(Cígler, Consent of the Main Hygiene Office of the SR with the use of the name "Medical Spring Mattress")..

We help to make a person who is otherwise exposed to many adverse influences such as inappropriate sitting or inadequate movement to rest, relax, and regenerate.

Most of the mattresses produced are classified by the State Institute of Health Control as "Health Aid Product". MATERASSO is the only mattresses manufacturer using the system ISO in Slovakia, which guarantees the quality of entire production process from development to the delivery to consumer.