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We participated in the PVA EXPO Prague conference. At the For Gastro & Hotel Fair, where we exhibit our hotel collection of mattresses and beds.


We are the weather sponsor of RTVS! For those who love sleep <3 not τη τη notkyot τη τη τηky not


The introduction of the new brand - Brand LE CHOMAT - is a symbol for luxurious, custom-made beds and mattresses, which are traditionally handmade by natural materials of the highest quality. not τη τη notkyot τη τη τηky not


MATERASSO Slovakia, Ltd., covers 60-70% of the domestic market, exporting its products to the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, South Africa, Australia, Panama and other countries. not τη τη notkyot τη τη τηky not


This year there has been a significant expansion of production capacities.


The company began production of continental beds and lamellar grates. not τη τη notkyot τη τη τηky not


As the first Slovak producer of mattresses we received the SLOVAK GOLD award.


MATERASSO Slovakia, Ltd. was established in 1995. The focus of the company was the production of medical and orthopedic mattresses, antiallergic blankets, pillows and decorative blankets. not τη τη notkyot τη τη τηky not