Materasso Materasso Mattress


Eliocell or PUR foam is proven material used for manufacturing mattresses. PUR foam mattresses provide a strength and good copying properties.
BIOGREEN Copper PL For high weight
AQUATIC mineral Antibacterial
ANTIBACTERIAL visco vakuo 18 Antibacterial
SPINALIS ortopedic Antibacterial
PREMIÉR fix vákuo 24 Partner mattress
PREMIÉR fix vákuo 20 Partner mattress
PREMIÉR fix vákuo 16 Partner mattress
AIRSPRING memory Partner mattress
VISCOSTAR 24 Partner mattress
VISCOSTAR 20 Partner mattress
VISCOSTAR 16 Partner mattress
THERMOGEL Partner mattress
PARTNER biogreen 24 Natural
PARTNER biogreen 20 Natural
PARTNER biogreen 18 Natural
SWISS adaptive For high weight
Eliocell foam mattresses What are the advantages of this mattress?
Eliocell foam mattresses are PUR foam mattresses. This material which has undergone major development recently is a guarantee of your healthy sleep.
Eliocell PUR foam provides a higher degree of comfort and a longer life expectancy.