Materasso Beds


High continental beds are a luxurious pieces of furniture for your quiet sleep. They have a beautiful high faces of different colors, storage spaces and perfect mattresses.
Nové Damiani Continental
Forrest Continental
Wall Continental
Wild Continental
Rhombus Continental
Vienna Continental
Velorum Continental
Sirius Continental
Paris Continental
Mirach Continental
Atlas Continental
Chain Continental
High Continental Beds Why choose our continental beds?
With our continental boxspring bed with storage space you will feel like a king or queen in the bedroom. These box-springs beds have a rigid frame, which guarantees the bed's lasting for several years. Just like the perfect slats, which complete comfort together with quality mattresses. The fabrics used on these beds are made of the highest quality materials, so don't worry about their wear.
Continental boxspring bed is already completely folded and you do not have to bother with its installation. We also offer models that, in addition to imaginative design, also offer practical and large storage space for your duvets. Last but not least, they are beautiful with their colors and shapes that you can combine exactly to your liking.