Bed grids

What kind of grate is best suitable under the mattresses? Is it possible to have two different grates in one double bed?

A coil matrasses of any type have to be placed on a solid grate MASIV with openings not bigger than 6 centimetres. They cannot be adjustable. Foam mattresses less then 18 centimetres in height require a flexible base. LAMELA grate can be adjustable if it does not contain a coconut core mattress. The foam mattresses of 18 centimetres in height or higher can be placed on any kind of base. A combination of different grates in the same bed is possible. However, it is necessary to unify the height. (Each grid has a standard height). Otherwise the new combination requires a change of the bed construction or atypical solution to the grate construction at extra cost.

What is the delivery time for the mattresses, grids and beds? Is there any change when the measurements are atypical?

In general we deliver the mattresses and grids up to 14 days after the order is registered. It applies even for mattresses and grids in atypical sizes. The delivery time for the beds is 30 days.