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BACK Stretch

Collection Materasso

Spinal Duo i Back Stretch mattresses support the process of spine regeneration after the hardships of everyday life. They have an innovative system of contour cuts in the foam in the middle layers. The cuts are grouped in two zones, which move in opposite directions when using the mattress. This ensures that the mattress gently stretches the body during sleep and that the natural anatomical curves are well reflected. This has a very positive effect on the regeneration of the intervertebral discs, muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation. The lower layers of the mattresses are made of rigid and durable foams that guarantee stable body support.The upper layers are made of comfort foams which ensure that the pressure on the body is reduced and the effect is pleasantly feeling of softness and being tucked. The high densities of these foams additionally guarantee the durability of the mattresses and resistance to squeezing.

23 cm - 130 kg
Height Fyziosystem Capacity Hardness
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removable SILVER cover, quilted with thermoelastic foam, 3D fabric sewn on the side

The core of the mattress
    thermoelastic foam 54 g/m3 - 3 cm; specially profiled NIGHTFLY foam - 13 cm; LAVENDER foam - 4 cm; recommended frame - flexible
Technical parameters
Collection Materasso
Height 23 cm
Fyziosystem -
Capacity 130 kg
Positionable grates No
Coverability of the coating Yes, 60°C
For health problems
Warranty (years) 5