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NATUR biogreen T3

Collection Materasso

A very comfortable mattress made as a single block of natural BIOGREEN foam. It is slit on the surface of both sides to ensure a better airiness and zoning. It is also perforated in the shoulder area to ensure better adapting to the shape of the body when lying on your side. The LYOCELL cover is good at removing moisture and is accompanied on the sides by 3D fabric to ensure outstanding ventilation of the mattress. Can be washed at up to 60 °C. This mattress can also be used on a positionable bases.

20 cm 7 110 kg
Height Fyziosystem Capacity Hardness
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LYOCELL cover wadded with hollow PES fibre, grammage 300 g per square metre, 3D fabric stitched into the flanks

The core of the mattress
    Comfortable, shaped natural BIOGREEN foam (brown – T3)
Technical parameters
Collection Materasso
Height 20 cm
Fyziosystem 7
Capacity 110 kg
Positionable grates Yes
Coverability of the coating Yes, 60°C
For health problems Allergy, Back pain, Perspiration,
Warranty (years) 3