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POLARGEL superior

Collection Materasso

We are the only company on the Czech market that has a mattress that can hold up to 190 kg. This full-foam mattress therefore provides heavier customers with a comfortable place to rest. The core is made of ELIOCELL foam of density 35 kg per cubic metre, with slits in the area of the shoulder joints. The mattress is sufficiently firm to provide problem-free support for larger weights. The upper part of the mattress consists of cooling and refreshing Polargel foam, which is highly elastic, provides maximum comfort, is airy and ensures an unmatched feeling of freshness.

20 cm 7 190 kg
Height Fyziosystem Capacity Hardness
Where to buy? Mattress upholstery fabric

ALOE VERA cover stitched with PES fibre – weight 200 g per square meter

The core of the mattress
    POLARGEL foam; ELIOCELL foam of density 35 kg per cubic meter
Technical parameters
Collection Materasso
Height 20 cm
Fyziosystem 7
Capacity 190 kg
Positionable grates Yes
Coverability of the coating Yes, 60°C
For health problems Allergy, Back pain, Perspiration
Warranty (years) 5