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Double BV MAXI

A grid bed grid with access to storage space from the side of the bed. Customers also choose this type of grid for standard beds because it is very simple to clean under the bed. The frame of the base is the combination of solid beech and layered birch wood. The pre-stressed lamellas are made from birch. The base allows you to set the firmness up the level in the central area thanks to movable belts and double lamellas. The stabilising band in the centre protects the lamellas from breaking even when exposed to extreme point of loading.

No No Yes
Massive Electric drive Manual
Technical parameters
Frame height 8 cm
Grid height 8 cm
Number of lamellas 28
Zones 3
Max. Load 150 kg
Sheath material Rubber, Silicone Rubber
Frame material Beech + Birch
Warranty (years) 2