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Flex R6

The lamella grid with pre-stressed lamellas. The grid frame is made from laminated (greater strength) beech wood. The lamellas are made from Siberian birch wood. The grid has in the middle reinforced slamellas and sheaths. They are not only swinging but also raised, so they match together much better. The center stabilizing strap prevents breakage of the blade at extreme point loads. The frame and lamella rails are covered with carbon foil, which protects the wooden parts better against atmospheric influences while being more gentle to the mattress cover. Sheaths: swinging, rubber, doubled

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Massive Electric drive Manual
Technical parameters
Frame height 7 cm
Grid height 7 cm
Number of lamellas 28
Zones 3
Max. Load 120 kg
Sheath material Rubber swinging, doubled
Frame material Beech + carbon foil
Warranty (years) 2