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Triple expert T12

An exclusive, fixed lamella bed grid with a higher number of lamellas to perfectly copy the mattress. This lamella bed grid has resilient propertiies ableing copying even the tiniest inequality and is perfect at the weight distribution on the mattress. The frame of the grid is made by combination of solid beech and layered birch wood. 42 birch slats provide a maximum point of copying of the human body. The bed grid allows you to set the firmness level in the central area thanks to a movable belt and double slats. The sheaths can moove in three directions, but also raise, so they can work much better with the mattress. The sheaths and the lamellas of the grid are wrapped in a carbon foil, which better protects the wooden part from atmospheric influences and is more considerate to the mattress fabric.

No No Yes
Massive Electric drive Manual
Technical parameters
Frame height 8,5 cm
Grid height 8 cm
Number of lamellas 42
Zones 3
Max. Load 120 kg
Sheath material Rubber, Silicone Rubber
Frame material Beech + Birch + carbon foil
Warranty (years) 2