Boudoir Breeze

The elegance was taken over by the BREEZE BOUDOIR double armchair from the BREEZE armchair and, in addition, gained practicality in the design for two. With its simple design, it will decorate your dining room or relaxation room The construction of the chair is made of solid laminated glued flexible wood, which ensures its high strength. The seat impresses with its thinner, finer design, but with long-term unchanged seating comfort. The color and type of upholstery can be selected from about 30 types of fabrics, each of which is produced in many color shades. You can choose the design of the chair from three types: BUTTON (button), MIRACH (slit) or CLEAN (without stitching). The wooden base of CROSS DUO is made of solid beech wood, where it is possible to define the staining of natur, white, walnut and black.

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