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History and present

History and present

MATERASSO Slovakia, Ltd. was established in 1995. The focus of the company was the production of medical and orthopedic mattresses, antiallergic blankets, pillows and decorative blankets.

Gradually, the company expanded its assortment to produce frame beds, continental and design beds, lamella grids, home accessories, seat bags, foam products and toys. Since 2009, the company has begun manufacturing continental beds and lamellar grids. Since 2012, the production range has been extended to produce seating bags.

We produce more than
300,000 mattresses per year MATERASSO is the only manufacturer producing mattresses up to system ISO in Slovakia, which guarantees the entire production process from development to the expedition to the consumer.

Materasso covers
60 - 70% of the Slovak market Our products are further exported to the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, Croatia, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, South Africa, Australia and Panama.

Our mattress like
medical aid MATERASSO is the only manufacturer of mattresses working in system ISO in Slovakia that guarantees the entire production process from development to shipping to the consumer.

Our mattresses and beds are presented in several collections: MATERASSO , MATERASSO Exclusive, FERRETI, and HOTEL COLLECTIONS that are tailored to meet the special needs of our customers.