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PREMIÉR fix vákuo 16

Collection Materasso

A sandwich mattress for couples of 16 cm in height. The top side is made from cold foam with an anti-sore cross-section that favours the back and that provides maximum ventilation. The underside is made of nepped, five-zoned comfortable foam. This mattress copies the shape of your body. The centre of the mattress core is firm and ideal for supporting the spine. The cover, made of Aloe Vera fabric, is pleasant to the touch and highly resilient. It contains substances that act on the skin and help cleanse and regenerate it. The cover is lined with air-conditioning filler.

16 cm 5 120 kg
Height Fyziosystem Capacity Hardness
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ALOE VERA stitched with PES fibre, grammage 200 g per square metre

The core of the mattress
    Upper profile: cold (HR) foam of density 40 kg per cubic metreCentral layer: ELIOCELL foam, density 25 kg per cubic metreLower profile: ELIOCELL foam, density 25 kg per cubic metre
Technical parameters
Collection Materasso
Height 16 cm
Fyziosystem 5
Capacity 120 kg
Positionable grates Yes
Coverability of the coating Yes, 60°C
For health problems Allergy, Back pain, Perspiration
Warranty (years) 3